How the discovery of the “New World” transformed this precious
metal into a valuable
modern day investment opportunity…

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Mention precious metals and most of the time, the very first thing that comes to people’s mind is gold.

But in fact, the role of silver has been pivotal to building civilisation. It goes back 5,000 years to Anatolia (Turkey), where people used it to trade with and help build empires.

As time passed, Europe became the centre of silver production as new silver mines were discovered.

But no event in silver’s history is as important as the discovery of the “New World” in 1492.

When Christopher Columbus set sail across the Atlantic to Spain, he accidently discovered the “New World”, which was South America.

The discovery of massive deposits of silver in South America set in motion large-scale silver production and a “silver rush”, which transformed economies across large parts of South, Central and North America.

From the 1500s to the 1800s, Bolivia, Mexico and Peru accounted for 85% of the world’s silver production.

From there, many other countries like the US discovered silver mines and started production.  In fact, in the 1870s, silver production hit 40 to 80 million troy ounces a year. Today, yearly global mine production averages 671 million troy ounces. Compared to yearly gold production, silver is much lower, but a lack of new mines has caused gold’s production to wain in 2016.

Even after 5,000 years, the white metal is used in almost everything from jewellery to currency to appliances. And as it has grown popular, silver has become a great way for investors and even traders to make money.

Whether it’s silver miners, silver exchanged-traded notes/funds (ETNs and ETFs), or the actual silver price, there are many ways for investors to own silver.

That’s why today, I’m going to explain why silver is a great investment opportunity and the four drivers I think will boost the silver price in the coming months.

And most importantly, the best way to jump on board the coming silver rally… 
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